Alium Mundum specialises in design, fashion design and digital fashion.

The name Alium Mundum is Latin for ‘Another World’ and started as an idea to revive a phrase from a dead language and turn it into what the name stands for – a new world, a new creative space and a new approach to design.

In Alium Mundum we believe that design should be about creating responses and manifesting them in our products. Creativity, critical-thinking and open-mindedness are key values of Alium Mundum, that support the design work.

 The principles of sustainable, slow and smart design, well are close to the core of Alium Mundum. We believe that our products should serve the wearer well and that fashion is a reflection of the wearer.

Alium Mundum started as another world to escape to, but through the years the idea evolved. Rather than escape to a new world, we have to improve the one we live in. Today Alium Mundum stands for creating our own another world in the world we have now, through a positive change, better ideas and impactful design.