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My name is Maria Maciejko, I am a designer with background in fashion design, currently completing MA course in Integrated Design at Hochschule Anhalt (Germany).

In 2021 I graduated from BA Fashion Design at University of South Wales in Cardiff (UK), where I learnt that fashion design can be innovative, sustainable, and usable. During my studies, I got interested in digital fashion and developed my final collection using Clo3d software.

I am now continuing my education through master’s degree in Integrated Design, where I get to experience working on projects from various fields of design, so far including graphic and typographic design and marketing.
My major project in my first semester is about designing innovative marketing and sales solutions for MADE51, a brand of refugee-made products and part of UNHCR.

Alium Mundum, Latin for ‘Another World’, is the nema of my portfolio and started as an idea to revive a phrase from a dead language and turn it into what the name stands for – a new world, a new creative space, positive change and impactful design.

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